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Isobel Contento 终身教授


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Isobel Contento



Director of the Program in Nutrition at Teachers College Columbia University

President of Board of TrusteesSociety for Nutrition Education and Behavior

美国哥伦比亚大学终身教授,教师学院营养系主任。她是《营养教育》教材Nutrition Education: Linking Theory to Practice的作者,是营养教育和行为学会的理事会主席(Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior)。她长期从事营养教育的教学和科学研究工作,在许多国家和专业协会教授营养教育,她是联合国粮农组织的专家顾问,目前正制定营养教育发展指南,并与国际各组织合作开展针对中、低收入国家的营养教育项目。

Isobel Contento, Ph.D., CDN is Professor of Nutrition and Education, and Director of the Program in Nutrition at Teachers College Columbia University.  Her recent research has involved the development and evaluation of interventions to improve health and reduce risk of overweight in youth that focuses on behavior change. She has written a textbook on how to use to psychosocial theory and research evidence to design nutrition education programs for a variety of populations to motivate and facilitate behavior change and provide environmental supports for change. She has received research grants from several US agencies and has published many articles. She has been a member of several national advisory committees in the US and is part of the team of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on developing guidelines for Nutrition Education in Low and Medium Income Countries.She has also been active in the Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior for many years, serving on various committees and currently she is the President of its Board of Trustees. She is the recipient of that society’s Excellence in Nutrition Education Award. She has made presentations and led workshops in countries such as Mexico, Malaysia, El Salvador, Israel, Japan, Taiwan, and Portugal.