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Draft program of APCCN & CNSC 2019 can be checked as below.

September 20, 2019

September 21 

September 22

Main venue

Sub-Forum (to be considered)


The Opening Ceremony,

Award and Keynote Presentation


  1.      Global Chinese Nutrition Scientists               Forum

  2.      Prevention and Nutrition Treatment of         Diabetes Mellitus

  3.      Protein and Proteomics 

  4.      Nutritional Genetics and Genomics

  5.      Physical Fitness, Nutrition and Health

  6.      Research and Application of Dietary             Nutritional Supplements

  7.      Public Nutrition and Health

  8.      Probiotics, Prebiotics in Human                     Promotion A

  9.      Community Nutrition and Health
Advances in Human Milk                                      Oligosaccharide 

  1.      Dietary Carbohydrates and Population           Health

  2.      Nutrition and Obesity

  3.      Challenge and Innovation in Clinical               Nutrition A

  4.      Minerals in Drinking Water and Human                  Health

  5.      Forum on Infant Food Nutrition and                 Regulation

  6.      New Products and New Technology on           Phytonutrient A

  7.      Nutritional Biotechnology and Targeted                  Food 

  8.      Special Occupation Population Nutrition:         Research and Practice

  9.      Nutrition and Successful Aging

10.      Nutritional Support Therapy for Cancer

Lunch and Poster

Lunch: Young Investigator Award

Keynote Presentation


  11.    Nutrition Neurosciences
  12.    Advances in Enteral and Parenteral                    Nutrition
  13.    Nutrition Education and Practice
  14.    Lipids and Health
  15.    Advances in Vitamins and Minerals 
  16.    Infant Scientific Feeding and                                Gastrointestinal Function 
  17.    Elderly Nutrition and Health
  18.    Probiotics, Prebiotics in Human                            Promotion B
  19.    Micronutrients Nutrition and Health 

  11.    Registered Dietitian: Practice and Future              Trend
  12.    Nutrition and Cardiovascular Diseases 
  13.    Challenge and Innovation in Clinical                      Nutrition B
  14.    Maternal and Child Nutrition Forum:                    Achievement of the National Nutrition Plan
  15.    Food Nutrition and Product Innovation
  16.    New Products and New Technology on                  Phytonutrient B
  17.    Sports Nutrition and Health 
  18.    China Cross-Strait, Hong Kong and Macau            Nutrition Young Scholar Forum 
Advances in Vitamin D and Vitamin K

Key Dates

September 19-22, 2019
Online Registration Deadline
September 12, 2019
Abstract Submission Deadline
June 30, 2019
On-site Registration Dates
September 19, 2019


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